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Description of this repository

This repository contains the Data Management Plan (DMP) for Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO) Collaboration. It is a dynamic document that describes data, metadata, and how they are produced, accessed and managed:

Release policy & preserving linking

Tagging policy & the main release

The common numbering used for software versioning (Major.Minor.Patch) are also used in this repository:

  • Major release: identifies deep changes in definitions. As usual, migrating between major releases (i.e. 1.y.z -> 2.y.z) will not provide backward compatibility.
  • Minor release: identifies improvements in definitions. Upgrading through minor releases (i.e. x.1.z -> x.2.z) implies compatibility.
  • Patch release: indicates admendements and corrections but without relevant changes.

However, in order to simplify and reduce the number of files in the repository:

  • The filename of the linkable documents & definitions will contain only the Major.Minor number, just before their extension.
  • GitHub Tagging will also contain the patching, being the Major.Minor.Patch.

Thus, the Major.Minor is considered the main release or version on wich the development orbit around and the reference identifier of every version. Meanwhile, the Major.Minor.Patch is the tag release used in GitHub for consolidating patches.

Repository organization

This repository follows a fixed directory structure to preserve linking to definitions through the time:

  • *DMP/*: contains all the formal DMP documents improved and extended;
  • *schema/*: all releases of the schema for LAGO data and metadata;
  • *defs/*: the different referenciable definitions of LAGO items (sites, institutions, harware,…) for a certain LAGO schema;
  • *rights/*: disclaimers and specific rights on the date when certain LAGO datasets are published;
  • *notes/*: release notes of every main release.

The linkable documents in these folders are distinguised with their Major.Minor release number (i.e. their main release number). Therefore:

Current release & visualisation

The current release (Major.Minor) will be stated at first web page at, likewise the definitions for this current release will be shown in the default root of every aforementioned directories.

Independently of how the links preserved and documents stored, will enable additional shortcuts and classifications. The most important are the virtual folders in the aforementioned fixed structure, which clasifies in developing versions (Dev) or outdated versions (Old).


The procedure depends on the role of the contributor:

  • All LAGO members can contribute to the dev branch of DMP through pull requests.
  • Members of standardisation group can authorise pull requests to the dev branch, but not merge their own modifications to the master branch without an additional authorisation.
  • Only managers or administrators of the repository can directly merge the contribution to the master branch and publish stable releases.


  • Changing the current release is only allowed for managers.
  • Minor changes in Old definitions are strictly forbidden.


All contents of this repository are under the terms of the Creative Common CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, with exception of some code needed for rendering the web page, which has its own license declared at the head of the code.