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LAGO Collaboration 1.1

Version Updated Date Contributors
1.1 2022-09-15 10:59:24 +0000 2020-06-01 - today LAGO Collaboration

Table of contents

What is defined?

lagoCollaboration.1.1.jsonld unifies the definition of the LAGO Collaboration following the official LAGO schema vocabulary.

The purpose of the definition is to univocally identify the LAGO Collaboration employing a public URI for being linked by any metadata.

How should this definition be referenced for linked-data?

To preserve the provenance of the linked metadata through time, the GitHub raw link of a certain tag release (Major.Minor.Patch) of this document must be used:<Major.Minor.Patch>/defs/lagoCollaboaration.1.1.jsonld

For example:

As a real example, the metadata´s catalog of a simulation should include the reference to the DCAT-AP2 property publisher:

"description":"A Complete Corsika Simulation",

How could this definition be embarranssingly referenced?

Although it is discouraged because these methods do not preserve the metadata provenance, it could be sometimes needed referencing using alternative ways.

Plain JSON-LD file

  "@context" : { 
    "@vocab" : "",
    "lago" : "",
    "foaf" : "",
    "org" : "", 
    "owl" : ""   
    "@id" : "", 
    "@type" : "Organization",
    "owl:equivalentClass" : [ "lago:Organization", "foaf:Organization", "org:OrganizationalCollaboration"],
    "name" : "LAGO Collaboration",
    "description" : "The LAGO Collaboration is a non-centralized, distributed and highly collaborative grid of scientific institutions. The main goal of the LAGO Collaboration is the design, installation, commissioning, operation, coordination, maintenance, and, eventually, the decommissioning of the Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO). LAGO is an astroparticle observatory on a global scale, working as an integrated detection network, hereinafter referred to as 'the LAGO detection network' or simply 'the LAGO network', of single or small arrays of detectors, hereinafter referred to as 'the LAGO detectors', that are deployed at different geographical locations, hereinafter referred as “the LAGO sites”.",
    "url" : "",
    "sameAs" : [ "",
                 "" ],
    "logo" : ""